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GivingTuesday: Support our Scholarships

Embrace the holiday spirit by supporting the USTA Texas Tennis Foundation on GivingTuesday. For years, our Foundation has stood as a beacon of hope and progress, utilizing the transformative potential of tennis and education to uplift communities throughout Texas.

Your generosity will play a pivotal role in empowering our scholarship program. Every donation, regardless of size, directly contributes to our mission, allowing us to broaden our influence and amplify our effect.

Your support this GivingTuesday will enable us to extend our reach and magnify our impact. We warmly invite you to make a donation this GivingTuesday, knowing that together, we're not just offering hope; we're nurturing champions, both on and off the court. Let's rally together and serve up hope for a brighter future!

Scholarships from USTA Texas Tennis Foundation help support the wider community by furthering educational opportunities not only for tennis players but for anyone in and around our Texas community.

These funds are making a real difference for real lives. Here are a few quotes from last year’s recipients:

“This scholarship has also eased my personal financial burden and enabled me to spend time in the community teaching elementary school children how to play the game I have grown up to love.” - Evan, Baylor University

“I promise I’ll use everything that USTA Texas invests in me to continue pursuing my goal of creating innovative solutions for the future.” - Michael, Duke University

“To be awarded this scholarship means I can help my parents with the large expense of sending me to further my education.” - Clare, Texas A&M University

“With the USTA Scholarship, I hope to show the world that, just like through tennis, it shouldn't be the physical award that should compel you toward your goal- it's the personal reward that will live on forever.” - Nicholas, University of Texas - San Antonio

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