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Honoring Legacies. Building Future Leaders.

Tina Trevino describes the significance of donating to the USTA Texas Tennis Foundation named scholarships.
Tina Trevino describes the significance of donating to the USTA Texas Tennis Foundation named scholarships.

At the USTA Texas Annual Meeting in Irving, we kicked off our fundraising efforts for three named scholarships which will be awarded in 2024 through the USTA Texas Tennis Foundation's scholarship program.

These scholarships are in memory of Texas tennis legends: Paul Christian, Henry Cox, Dr. Alfredo Trevino, Jr. Our honorees were true examples of our mission which is to "change lives and build communities" throughout Texas.

Paul Christian was both a player and leader that strived to embody and share the values of tennis sportsmanship. A stand-out junior, college, and adult tennis player - Christian was called to lead in the tennis community at the local, section, and national level. He was particularly passionate about championing the values of sportsmanship and encouraging players to embody the spirit of the game of tennis.

Henry Cox was a lifelong champion of tennis and fought to ensure everyone has a place on court. Widely decorated as a player and coach, Henry Cox worked tirelessly to make tennis more accessible for competitors of all types and abilities. He is the namesake of the Henry C. Cox III Adaptive Tennis Award honoring those who contribute to the growth and accessibility of adaptive tennis. He was inducted into the Texas Tennis Hall of Fame in 2022.

Dr. Alfredo Trevino, Jr. was the first Hispanic President of USTA Texas and was a tireless advocate for tennis in Laredo and across Texas. A Physician and leader in the community of Laredo and across Texas, Trevino was dedicated toward the care and growth of others. He was passionate about the benefits of tennis and making the sport more accessible to both Texas's Spanish-speaking communities as well as to the disabled in Texas. Along with his wife, Tina, Trevino helped create a pioneering Stroke-Survivor tennis program with the Laredo Tennis Association.

For more information regarding the Foundation’s priorities and other giving opportunities, be sure to check out the USTA Texas Tennis Foundation’s website.

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